The support committee

The support committee for the Isère renaissance project

Entrepreneurs, writers, artists, descendants of historical figures …

A collective of public figures has been woven in recent months around the Isère’s rebirth project.

By their origins, their history, their sensitivity or their convictions, these men and women are linked in a very singular way to the history of the frigate and that of the Statue of Liberty.

Alongside the Imagine Isère association, everyone is committed to becoming the

ambassadors of this vast historical and international mission.

Each in their field, they work to make the project known to the public and raise the necessary funds for the construction of the sailboat.

Gilbert de Pusy Lafayette

Direct descendant of the famous Marquis de La Fayette, the count with distant Breton origins is kindly supporting the Isère’s rebirth project. According to his words, this new maritime adventure embodies “a living link between France and the United States “. Closely linked to the history of the Isère and the Statue of Liberty, he chaired the 1983 Franco-American Committee for the Restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Gilbert from Pusy Lafayette generously accepted the role of vice-president of the association Imagine Isère, alongside Frédéric Fonteneau.

Nathalie de Gouberville

Daughter of Michel de Rochambeau, she is the descendant of Maréchal de Rochambeau, hero of the independence of the United States in 1781 in Yorktown, Virginia. Through the association of “Friends of Rochambeau”, of which she is the President, Nathalie de Gouberville works to restore and maintain the image of its historic ancestor. A rich family heritage, having naturally led her to cultivate a very special sensitivity to the bonds of friendship forged between France and the United States.

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Didier Graffet

Didier Graffet is a French illustrator and colorist. His collaboration with the editions

Bragelonne, for which he signed covers that were noted throughout Europe, he quickly gained international notoriety. Winner of the Art & Fact Prize and the Audience Prize

Visions du Futur in 2002, he received in 2003 the grand prix de l’Imaginaire for his illustrations of Jules Verne’s novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”, published by Éditions Gründ. Always inspired by the great epics and imaginary journeys, Didier Graffet has placed his talent at the service of the project, revisiting Isère in its chimerical version. His drawings, mixed with the plans of the naval architecture firm SDI, will give birth to a totally visionary ship, unique in the world.

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Pascal Baudry

Former executive in France and the United States, Pascal Baudry practiced psychoanalysis in private patient for ten years. He is at the origin of the “Learning Expeditions” method, a management technique intended for large international groups, aiming to emerge other corporate cultures internally. He is the author of the book « L’autre rive”, published in France and the United States.

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