The Isère, the frigate of Liberty

Anchored for over a century on Bedloe Island, the Statue of Liberty stands out now as a universal symbol throughout the world.

If the notoriety of Bartholdi’s work is no longer to be proven, who really knows his story ?
Who still remembers Isère, the ship having braved the storms to deliver “Lady Liberty” in New York Bay in 1885?

Now forgotten by all, the frigate has been rubbing shoulders with the world of silence since the end of the Second World War. In its whirlwind, its wreck has swept away a piece of prestigious history, bearer of the values ​​of excellence, daring, resilience and determination.
On its own, this three-masted is one of the most beautiful symbols of Franco-American friendship.

In France, an ambitious project is being prepared: the construction of a new Isère, on 2026’s horizon. Returning with the original purpose of the mythical frigate which transported the Statue of Liberty, it will not be a replica but a ship looking to the future …

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The Isère renaissance project is being built every day thanks to everyone’s support.

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It is with pleasure that I support this magnificent project to rebuild the Isère boat which transported the Statue of Liberty from Paris to New York.

Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette