The project

Revive a symbol : a new Isère for 2026

An ambitious project is being prepared for 2026: the construction of a tall ship, unique in the world. Returning to the original functions of the mythical frigate which transported the Statue of Liberty, it will not be a replica but a ship turned towards the future…

If the construction of a new Isère is an ambitious undertaking, it is even more so by the message and the values ​​it wishes to promote.

In our current society, this initiative appears like a new breath, a bubble of oxygen, aimed at bringing more brotherhood and benevolence back to our planet.

Many do not know: The construction of the Statue of Liberty happened without the help of any government, but with the financial contribution of thousands of French and American citizens.

Along the same lines, the Isère’s rebirth is not a private initiative, but a project with collective and international dimensions.

If you want to build a boat, don't bring your men and women together to give them orders, to explain every detail, to tell them where to find each thing.
If you want to build a boat, birth in the hearts of your men and women the desire for the sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


An ambassador ship of excellence

Guarantee of authenticity and excellence, craftsmanship is a precious heritage, a pledge of know-how that must be promoted and perpetuated.

Like the eponymous frigate, the Isère will position itself as an ambassador ship of universal excellence, by welcoming the best companies and craftsmen on board from all over the world. Through the showroom area of ​​the sailboat, they will benefit from a unique place to share their passion and present their creations to the rhythm of the Isère’s stopovers, in France and internationally

A unique ship in the world

This ship will mark the spirits and will leave its mark in the memories. Its modern and unique design will give it a special aura and set it apart from other great ships. Concerned about building a responsible future, Isère will combine an ecological construction method and an environmentally friendly propulsion system.

‘’The dream is undoubtedly the first of the paths that lead to freedom.
To dream is to be free already.



A ship that creates experiences

The Isère will create the event during its stopovers in ports around the world.

Thematic crossings, exhibitions, Gala dinners, conferences … By forging links between people and cultures, the Isère will be enriched by its encounters around the world and will share with its passengers an unforgettable journey …

A first artistic renaissance

The real Isère will leave the building sites for 2026, its dream version already exists.

Giving the spotlight to the dream, this artistic interpretation is an invitation to experience an imaginary journey, aboard an extraordinary ship. A theme that Didier Graffet enjoys to explore through numerous canvases and sketches.

It was this talented illustrator that the Imagine Isère association turned to, trusting him with the first artistic renaissance.