Resurrecting a symbol


for 2026

And what if the Isère reemerged from the depths of the Ocean…?

An ambitious project is planned for 2026: the construction of a large sailboat – the only one of its kind in the world. In recreating the frigate’s original functions, the ship will not be a mere replica but also focused towards the future…

Plongée vers le lieu de naufrage de l'Isère

« If you want to build a ship, don’t gather your men and women around you to give them orders, explain every detail and tell them where to find everything. If you want to build a ship, make your men and women long for the sea. »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



A mark of authentic values and excellence, craftsmanship brings together passionate men and women across various professions, which are sometimes overlooked. Sadly, some industries are struggling to find a second wind and risk disappearing altogether…

Our expertise is a precious legacy that must be promoted and perpetuated. Just like the eponymous frigate, the Isère will be positioned as an ambassador ship for universal excellence by welcoming on board the best businesses, artisans and artists in the world. Each will benefit from a unique space in which to share their passion and showcase their creations in abroad.



This construction will make an impression and remain etched in people’s minds. Its modern and original design will give it a unique aura and distinguish it from other great ships. Anxious to build a responsible future, the Isère will combine an ecological construction method with a propulsion system that respects the environment.




The Isère will put on a show during its stopovers in ports all over the world. Themed voyages, exhibitions, Gala dinners, conferences… By connecting people, the Isère will be enriched by its encounters with different cultures and will offer its passengers an unforgettable journey..

While building a new Isère is an ambitious undertaking, the message and the values it aims to promote are more ambitious still. In today’s society, which seems to be dominated by the quest for profit and individualism, this initiative is like a breath of fresh air, a brand new approach that aims to rekindle the notions of brotherhood and goodwill on our planet.

It is not widely known: Bartholdi’s work was in fact created without the help of any government, but through the financial contribution of thousands of French and American citizens. As was the case for Bartholdi’s work in the 19th century, the Isère revival is not a private initiative, but a collective and international one.


The French influence in the United States
Auguste Bartholdi's portrait

« I recognize that these difficulties were sometimes great. For a long time, malicious and critical minds believed that our undertaking was, as they say in the United States, a white elephant; a burden that you don’t know how to free yourself from. There are few who truly understood that our colossal statue was greater in terms of its moral value than its physical proportions. »

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi